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A Cat's Career Change

(Finding your true calling)

In January '21 Akira launched her boutique taco truck business.

She had been seeing a ton of other kitteh's on the gram with these shoddy taco trucks bought from mass market retailers and she thought "I can do better!".

So she asked her hooman mom for help in constructing a state-of-the-art custom San Francisco kitteh mobile.

We christened her truck El Gato Picante and launched with a farm to table menu of Tacos de Toona and ratón burritos.

But there was one thing we hadn't accounted for... Akira was an in-door cat. With a limited customer base consisting of her hooman parents, one a vegetarian, profits in the first couple months lagged way below expectations and it was clear this dream was never meant to succeed.

Discouraged and running low on funds Akira knew she had to find a new career path. Following advice from an article on LinkedIn she asker herself some questions:

- What do you Love? Naps!

- If you could do anything at all what would it be? Take a nap!

- Where can you do what you love? On a quilt!

It was suddenly clear - quilts wouldn't exist without naps! And it would be irresponsible for a quilt to be sent out into the world without it being tested for structural nap integrity!

A Happy Ending

Today Akira is a Senior Product Tester for all quilts at Sewing Through Fog. She wants everyone out there to be inspired by her journey and follow their hearts and dreams. Hashtag blessed.

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