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On-demand Class

Have fun
Build your skills &
Reduce your carbon footprint by learning to upcycle your old jeans.

Radha Sewing Through Fog

In this on-demand class, Radha will walk you through every step, sharing years of industry experience* and a medium amount of silliness in a judgement-free zone.

She will share her methods, but also give you permission to experiment. Because lesson #1 is: there is no right way to upcycle! It’s just awesome that you are trying.

*That's 15 years working in the denim industry, a design degree, 4 years as a seamstress

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Watch the Intro.

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Do you have them?


You know those old jeans in the back of the closet or the trunk of the car waiting to be donated? Maybe you made a fashion mistake in 2016 (hi there super skinny, low-rise & bleached), or maybe you have a couple kids that just keep getting taller.

And now you are stressed out because you learned about how terrible the textile waste problem is and that even most donated clothes end up in landfills or burned!!

It's overwhelming. And you can't fix it by yourself.

BUT you can be part of a community that's taking little steps to help, by learning to upcycle, by reusing and repurposing what they have. 

And you know what? It's also really fun and you will make some awesome projects that are just meant to be loved and appreciated.

In this class you will learn

9 on-demand video modules totaling over 2 hours of tutorials plus a PDF companion guide with reference diagrams that you can use to follow along or take notes.

Sign up now for your next weekend project!!

Do you need help paying for this class? 

I put a ton of value into this class, but I don't want anyone to be held back from learning to upcycle because of lack of funds. So, if you need it, just fill in the info below and I'll email you a code to get the class at $35, no questions asked.

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