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Welcome to Sewing through Fog! The blog...

I love the fog.

Hi, my name is Radha and I've been sewing through fog since my childhood in Tomales Bay - I love seeing the cold mist hover over the breaking waves of the Pacific or slipping quietly over the SF hills ready to cover everything in its' path. I love Karl! Wait... you didn't know the fog's name was Karl? He/she has a twitter account and everything. I highly recommend following him/her.

Also, I love textiles.

Growing up on a Hindu ashram I was surrounded by colorful saris in silks and cotton. They ended up in boxes when we moved away, but I pulled them out again after moving to SF after college.

I learned to sew when I was a little kid and then studied design in college. I worked for years in a corporate role in the apparel industry where I got to travel the world. I would pick up fabric as I traveled - some embroidered cottons in Bangladesh, Tana Lawn from Liberty in London.

Over the years I would sew little things here or there, something for the house, or a gift for a friend. But it wasn't until last year when I took a year break from the corporate world that I dived head-first back into creating.

I had all these fabrics and wanted to use them and though quilting would be the perfect medium to create from what I had. So I just started sewing quilt blocks and creating whatever came into my head.

And that's it...

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